VIDEO: Black Marlin – Cairns, Australia

black marlin in mid-jump

The Great Barrier Reef + Giant Black Marlin = Perfect

All considered, Australia has the best fishing in the world – it’s that simple. Australia has it all in terms of satisfying a billfish habit. (I just wish it was a bit closer.)

How’s this for a day: wake up casual to an epic breakfast on the back deck of your motor yacht/mothership that’s moored up in the flat crystal clear water just behind the Great Barrier Reef . After breakfast, jump on the game boat that’s rafted alongside your mothership and go for a mind-blowing dive on the freaking Great Barrier Reef. Head back to the mothership for lunch (prepared by-forgot to mention- your gourmet chef) while your crew gets the tackle and bait ready for an afternoon of fishing for giant black marlin. Around sunset, after no doubt an insane afternoon of fishing, the game boat slides back alongside your mothership to waiting hors d’oeurves and cocktails. The only thing on the schedule then is more cocktails and a great meal prepared by the above mentioned gourmet chef. All this is happening a hundred miles from anything. From an angler/client perspective, the GBR’s giant black marlin season has to be one of best charter experiences in the world of travel and adventure fishing.

From my perspective as mate or captain who is looking to become better at their craft, fishing the giant black marlin season off the GBR was a must. The fishing culture in Kona, Hawaii was about catching fish over 500 lbs-the ultimate being fish over 1000 lbs. Everything takes practice and dealing with marlin over 500 is no different. There are lots of big blue marlin around Hawaii. That being said, I could fish 60 days on the Reef and see 3 times the fish over 500 that I would see in 200 days fishing in Kona. Basically, from a crew perspective, more access to big fish makes you better. A great lifestyle for staying in the big fish is a Kona/Great Barrier Reef combo. Live and fish in Kona from December thru August. Go work the Reef from September thru November. Repeat.