VIDEO: “The Moment of Truth” – Billfish Bites from Around the World

blue marlin bite

This is a short clip of insane bites courtesy of some of the best fishing spots in the world. The bait and switch method is what makes this footage a lot easier to get. Teasing the fish to a spot for a bait to be presented allows our camera operators to be ready, but it’s still hard footage to get.


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  1. Gotta hand it to Darrin Isaacs who learned not only from his grandpa but some other guys that crush big fish daily!!! Darrin taught me so much and I would like to say we were the first ones in Kona switch baiting with live opelu. Thanks Darrin for all you have done for me. If you’re on you tube and look up Inside Big Game Fishing the World, you’ll see a $600,000 fish in the Bisbee’s beaten by a boat with outboards. Don’t see that too much! Thanks again Darrin. Bobby Bigfish. This video is the Bisbee’s Black and Blue aboard the Out of Line!!!!!!