PODCAST: Mag Bay Yachts

A power group of boat building and design has come together to build high end center consoles at Mag Bay Yachts. The designer is Michael Peters, the OG of step hull design. Michael Peters’s design accomplishments are too many to list. Just ask the google machine about Mr. Peters.

The boat building chops come from the father and son team of Mike and Barrett Howarth. Mike Howarth and his partner Henry Mohrschladt are the men who built Cabo Yachts from the ground up. It was at Cabo where the working relationship with Michael Peters began. After an amazing 16 year run, they sold Cabo Yachts to the Brunswick Corporation in 2006.

Fast forward to 2016 and Mike and Barrett Howarth have gotten the band back together in the California desert right next to the old Cabo facility to build Mag Bay Yachts. In this podcast I talk to Vice President of Sales and Marketing Phil Bourque about the Mag Bay 33, a center console I got to sea trial recently and was very impressed.

Download the full podcast here.