PODCAST: First Blue Marlin Grander of the Year Caught in Kona, Hawaii

Ihu Nui Grander

In this podcast we catch up with Capt. McGrew Rice and discuss catching 1,000 pound blue marlin. Capt. McGrew Rice and the “Ihu Nui” are cornerstones in the Kona, Hawaii fishing fleet. McGrew recently caught a 1,058 – the first grander of 2015. The angler was Kai Rizzuto, the 16 year old grandson of legendary fishing author Jim Rizzuto. In this episode we hear the story of the 1,058. We discuss what lure the big fish was caught on, his hook-rig and leader set up as well as the incredible big fish run the “Ihu Nui” has been on lately.

Koya Lures "Poi Dog"

Koya Lures “Poi Dog”

Ihu Nui Grander

Ihu Nui Grander

The World Famous Mold Craft Purple Softhead

The World Famous Mold Craft Purple Softhead

More info about topics discussed in this podcast:

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Mold Craft Purple Softhead

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Koya Lures

Cummins QSM11

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