VIDEO: Midway Sport Fishing

Midway Island

Midway Atoll or Island is 1200 miles WNW of Oahu and only has favorable water temps for blue marlin in the summer. If I could spend every July and August for the rest of my life fishing out of Midway Island, I would. The blue marlin in Midway, in my experience, were large (average over 450 lbs) and a little lethargic. Maybe it was the water temps or how fat the fish were because of the enormous amounts of bait. Whatever it was (probably a combination), I thought the fish were very catchable for their size. The blue marlin in Midway had a pattern of piling on very aggressively at the bite, jumping around a little and then just lying there on the surface waiting to give us the business at the back of the boat which I quite enjoy, so all was good.

Besides the fishing, Midway Island is extremely fascinating. Midway played a very important role in the Battle of the Pacific during WWII. There are still bullet holes in buildings leftover from the Battle of Midway. When I was there for a period of 5 weeks, the navy had pulled out, but the officers’ club, bowling alley and commissary built to support up to 5000 men were all in perfect working order. It seemed a bit much for the 50 or so staff members and biologists stationed there and a couple of hundred Sri Lankans on year-long maintenance contracts. The fact that I somehow never saw the Sri Lankans outside of meals (insane Indian food) and bi weekly cricket matches did not seem strange at the time. Midway is also nesting place for the great albatross and many other sea birds. Goony birds (baby albatrosses) are big and learn to fly on land. Their learning style consists of a 40 yard dash with lots of wing flapping that ends in a wadded up feathery ball – repeat over and over… Now that you have that mental image, add thousands of them going for it at once. A couple of beach chairs, a few beers and you had the evening’s entertainment. Unfortunately, Fish and Wildlife shut Midway’s doors to tourists a few years ago so you’re just going to have to trust me when I say that Midway Island is a very special place.