PODCAST: The Los Suenos, Costa Rica Fishing Vacation EASY BUTTON

Los Suenos Marina

Sometimes we all need an easy button. For Costa Rican travel in the Los Suenos area, HRG Costa Rica Vacations & Rentals is that easy button. Vetting your travel experiences/decisions takes time and everything looks good on the internet. It’s important to be able to reach out to someone trustworthy with your situation, wants & needs, and to get good advice, especially if it’s a first trip. HRG Costa Rica Vacations & Rentals will dial you in on a hardcore boys’ fishing trip or an epic family vacation complete with fishing, golf, ATV trips, zip lining, eco-adventures or surf lessons. Mike Hardy and his company HGR Costa Rica Vacations & Rentals is a one-stop shop for a Costa Rican vacation. And one thing is for damn sure, as soon as I win the Powerball, Mike will be one of my first calls to buy a villa and a boat slip in Los Suenos.

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