A hui hou Capt. Randy Llanes

Capt. Randy Llanes
Capt. Randy Llanes

Capt. Randy Llanes back in the day catching fish and competing in surf contests.

I was shocked to hear about the tragic death of Capt. Randy Llanes. Randy and his parents John and Florence were the first people I met in Kona. John was selling their charter boat called the “Ululani”. My dad bought the boat, changed the name to “Sundowner” and we moved to Kona. Randy and the entire Llanes Ohana were very accepting and helpful in getting us started. They were the epitome of aloha and we are so sorry for their loss. I was happy to know that things, in a way, had come full circle. Randy had been the captain of the Sundowner and was doing well. Randy was a fearless waterman, family man, fisherman, craftsman, and my friend for 30 plus years – A hui hou. Full Story

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